Tim Jans, Frontend-Developer, Cologne

Tim Jans


Hi! I'm Tim.

I am a Frontend-Developer based in Cologne, Germany. I specialize in HTML, CSS, SASS and Javascript (what a suprise...). I also know a bit about Content Management Systems like Wordpress and Typo3. My daily working routine includes NPM, Grunt, Git, BEM and PostCSS. I really love my Mac but also get along on Windows. So if you like a clean, modern and fast Frontend, i am happy to hear from you.

I know this page looks really simple but i actually put in a lot of technology. The tools i used making this include NPM, Grunt, Webpack, SASS, PostCSS, Git, Handlebars, Assemble, BrowserSync and Git. Why i put so much tooling in a simple HTML page? Just for the fun of it.

Find me on Xing and LinkedIn or just send an e-mail to hello@timjans.de.